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Texts For Nothing

November 2, 1992
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Rising from a crouching position, the tramp surveys his surroundings, a mysterious environment of overlapping planks, and wonders where he is. As Samuel Beckett's "Texts for Nothing" unfolds (at the Joseph Papp Public Theater), we can sense that the man is trapped in limbo. Perhaps the last man on earth, he is hanging on for life while waiting for a "desinence," a Beckettian word meaning an end, as in the end of a sentence. He has no idea when it will come. But until it comes, he is "a prisoner, frantic with corporeality." As he says: "I can't stay. I can't go," and adds with curiosity, "Let's see what happens next."

Photos by Dixie Sheridan, 2000 production of Texts For Nothing at the Classic Stage Co.


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