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Mr. Fox


Mr. Fox: A Rumination
David Finkle • New York City • Apr 14, 2004
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Waiting until the final entry in his Signature Theatre season, Bill Irwin has produced his crowning achievement. Mr. Fox: A Rumination is also his clowning achievement, and that phrase isn't merely a play on words: In this 90-minute piece, Irwin has synthesized the themes that have preoccupied him for much of his distinguished, too often flawed career.

In creating Mr. Fox: A Rumination, Irwin has again riffled through the pages of show business past. This time, however, when he tells the tale of a renowned melancholy performer, he doesn't simply scratch the surface while adding his interpolations; rather, he has found unusual substance in the story of George Washington Lafayette Fox (1825-1877).

Photos by Carol Rosegg

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