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Largely New York


New York Times
STAGE VIEW; Largely Chaplin? More Like Indiana Jones
By Walter Kerr
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One of Bill Irwin's constant companions in the immensely funny entertainment known as ''Largely New York'' is a cane, a perfectly ordinary walking cane with which he does certain wondrous things. Actually, he does even more wondrous things with one of those remote controls that make television sets so obedient, but we'll get to that.

At one point, just to give you a preliminary inkling, Mr. Irwin is cheerfully performing a duet with himself - he's right out there on the St. James stage and his image is alongside him on a television monitor - to a ragged-up tune that may or may not be ''Tea for Two.'' Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Either way, both of the Irwins who are shuffling rhythmically about in such perfect unison carry canes.


Caricature of Bill Irwin with, Jeff Gordon, Steve Clemente, Leon Chesney and Margaret Eginton
in ''Largely New York'' (Al Hirschfeld)


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