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BILL IRWIN | Theater


Harlequin Studies


by Elyse Sommer
September 20, 2003
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From the moment he first pops out of the trunk that dominates much of The Harlequin Studies, Bill Irwin proves that whether he's clad in his trademark baggy pants or a Harlequin's diamond patterned costume, he still lives up to his reputation as this decade's king of clowns. The devilish grins and grimaces make it impossible for all but the most dour curmudgeons not to smile, chuckle and often laugh out loud. The body that wobbles like a not quite firm jello mold amazes. It looks deceptively awkward but has all the grace and agility of Fred Astaire without his tuxedo. This opening salvo of the Signature Theater Company's Bill Irwin season showcases him not only as a gem of a clown but as playwright and director.


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